As an independent business agency, THinc Partners is uniquely positioned to offer a multitude of services across several important industry segments. Founded in 2012, we are an international thought leader in the fast growing Automated Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods marketplace. Our focus areas are Business Development, Sales Agency, Marketing Insights, and Strategic Advisory. We make great things happen quickly…in a socially aware, environmentally friendly way!

Business Assessment

  • Mission/Vision
  • Category Dynamics
  • Business Proposition
  • Consumer Proposition
  • Channel & Retailer / Location Partner Dynamics
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Sales Dynamics
  • Operations & Technology
  • Marketing, Pricing, & Promotions
  • Sustainability

Automated Retail Insights

  • Overview
  • Self-serve Transaction Growth Dynamics
  • Retail Sector Shares
  • Automated Retail Benefits
  • Best Practices